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We are a private billing clinic. We do not offer bulk-billing for face to face appointment or Telehealth.

Introducing Tracey – Practice Nurse

We are pleased to introduce our newest team member, Practice Nurse Tracey! Tracey is available for appointments each Thursday with more days to follow soon. What inspired you to become a nurse? As a young girl, witnessing ill health in my extended family, I saw, first hand, the positive difference that nurses could make  to […]

What is Dry Needling?

In your body you may have noticed spots in taught muscle that when you press into them can be quite tender and painful. Commonly referred to as ‘muscle knots’, these we define as trigger points and may be responsible for localised or referred pain, among other symptoms. Unlike acupuncture that focuses on the regulation and […]

Q&A with Dr James Traeger

Osteopath Dr James Traeger recently joined our team, read below to get to know James in a some more detail! 1. Do you have any specific areas of interest (e.g. specific conditions, topics, age-groups) that you are most passionate about as an osteo?  I’ve recently become quite interested in Morton’s neuroma and frozen shoulder and […]

Hay fever strikes again…

Welcome, spring! As we start to enjoy the longer days, the brighter skies, and the blossoming gardens that come with spring, we also find ourselves bracing for the dreaded hay fever season.  Hay fever is an allergic response from your immune system that causes sneezing, runny nose, and watery, itchy eyes. The severity of symptoms […]

National Pain Week – 26 July to 1 August

Chronic pain is a rapidly-growing medical condition in Australia, with 1 in 5 Australians living with chronic pain!  Affecting people of all ages – children and adolescents right through to elderly – chronic pain can be debilitating for sufferers because of the severity or persistence of their experience. This week is National Pain Week (26 […]

You don’t have to do it alone! NDIS Support at PHP

You don’t have to do it alone!  Are you a parent or carer of someone with a disability? Or perhaps you yourself have a disability and you manage your own NDIS plan and supports…We are here to help!   Caring for someone or living with a disability can cause significant pressure across all areas of […]

Make your healthy lifestyle fully SERC..!

A healthy lifestyle is predicated on a number of things: maintaining adequate sleep; keeping active; eating a balanced diet; and controlling stress are just some of the most well-known behaviours that we can adapt to support our overall health and wellbeing. However, the key to absorbing healthy behaviours is realising that they all have one […]

Exercise Physiology and Post-COVID Syndrome

Though we may feel like we’ve been dealing with COVID for a long time now because of its ubiquity over the last few years, the truth is it’s still very new and unfortunately, that means our knowledge – clinical and experiential – is still also very new and limited.  What we do know is that […]

Journaling: a self-care super tool

It’s probably quite safe to assume you’ve heard of the concept of journaling…It’s certainly not a new practice, but there has been a surge in popularity in the last few years, especially throughout the pandemic. This is because journaling is often used as a technique in therapy or as a practice to support mindfulness or […]

Let’s get to know Belinda

Belinda joined the team at PHP in 2021 as our Clinic Nurse. Since the beginning of this year, Belinda has also been the joint Practice Manager of Premier Health Partners, alongside Jenny (who you would all know from our reception team).  Belinda has three young kids – two school-aged boys and a 1.5 year-old daughter – who […]

Premier Health Partners Announcements

  1. Please be advised that if you have seen Dr Jane Habib or Dr Alan Underwood over a long period of time, you may require a longer than expected appointment with a new GP.
  2. Saturday appointments are now available with Dr James
  3. We are not a bulk billing clinic. Bulk-billing services (including vaccinations) are not available on Saturdays.