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Bentornato, il nostro ballerino

As some of you may know, Annabelle is not only an Osteopath here at Premier Health Partners, she is also a professional contemporary dancer! Annabelle has just returned from an international tour to Italy, performing for Atlanta Eke in ‘The Tennis Piece’. Congratulations to Annabelle on such an amazing opportunity in her exciting career.

Making the most of her trip, and combining all her passions, Annabelle stopped off at the Dolomites – an extraordinary mountain range in north eastern Italy – and hiked to a height of almost 3,000m!

From walking to the shops, dancing in your lounge room, to hiking the highest of heights, Annabelle is experienced and able to help with any niggles, injuries, aches, or pains that may be bothering you.

Annabelle’s approach to osteopathy is informed by her years of physical investigation, injury rehabilitation, and various functional movement practices.

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The photo above is from The Tennis Piece Dance Massive, 2019, by Gregory Lorenzutti.   

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