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Mental Health & Community Spirit

The long-term nature of this pandemic has had – and will continue to have – a dramatic impact on people’s mental health. Dealing with times of uncertainty, insecurity, and great fear are difficult in any case, but when these feelings are so widespread and ongoing, it makes it so much harder. 

It’s absolutely vital that we continue to check in with one another, to stay connected, and to remember to choose kindness first when dealing with others; you never know what they are dealing with. 

The Chair of Beyond Blue, The Hon. Julia Gillard AC, discusses the importance of remaining connected, kind, and compassionate during the coronavirus outbreak in a recent article published to Beyond Blue’s website. The article discusses the feelings of helplessness that this pandemic can cause, as well as practical tips to support your mental wellbeing.

Beyond Blue have a wealth of resources available on their website to support you, your family, loved ones, and the broader community, through these difficult times. They have used different forums to connect with people and offer support, including articles around meditation and mindfulness; mental health checklists; tailored advice for people from different demographics, ages, and life stages; and they even have a podcast series with an episode specifically covering the topic of isolation. 

Whether you’re worried about yourself or a loved one, or if you simply want to make sure you’re equipped with some coping strategies or ideas to support others, the Beyond Blue website is a great place to start. 

RUOK.org.au is another platform with fantastic mental health resources, especially for education or for the workplace.

We will get through this, but we will do so a lot stronger, happier, and safer if we band together and take care of one another.

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