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RU OK Day 2021

Another twelve months into the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve come to RU OK Day again. 💛

RU OK Day is an incredibly important initiative, reminding us all to check in and stay connected with our friends, loved ones, and broader community, to find time to authentically ask if they’re okay, and - most importantly - thoughtfully listen to their answer. 

This year’s campaign is ‘Are they ‘really’ okay?’… emphasising the importance of authentic conversations.
It’s so easy for us to give a generic ‘I’m fine’ or ‘good thanks’ answer sometimes, so we need to make sure that whoever we’re checking on knows that we really care and are open to their genuine response. 

These conversations can be difficult, especially through times that are already challenging for most people. There are lots of resources available at to support you in how to have these conversations. 
The RUOK website includes helpful videos, downloads, activities, and fact sheets for all ages to support your entire family. Let's work together to raise awareness for these important, life-saving conversations.

We all need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves and one another. Take a moment today to ask someone around you, ‘are you okay?’.