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We’re all time poor…or are we?

The concept of being ‘time poor’ is one that we are all far too familiar with. We are all perpetually striving for more time, yet we continue to waste it freely and without account. While we complain about not having enough hours in the day, or not enough time to sleep enough, or exercise, we still manage to find time to watch television, or scroll social media. 

Unfortunately, time management is something we each have to take responsibility for and learn to master in order to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s important that we each find time – or make time – for exercise, rest and relaxation, and social activities (family and friends).  

It’s definitely not uncommon to hear ourselves complaining about how stressed and busy we are, and how we need more time to get things done. The truth is that we all have the same amount of hours in each day, and the only factor that changes is how we use them. Have you ever stopped to work out where your time goes? 
This month, the ABC is encouraging you take control and account for your time by tracking it in a spreadsheet

According to their research, the top eight things that we use our time on are commuting, working, watching television, using social media, completing domestic duties, sleeping, socialising, and spending time on ourselves (‘me time’).

ABC life have put together a handy, three-week program to help you “take back your life”. The program includes articles with tips, tricks, and resources to help you assess and regain control of your time.
There are also a number of great apps that you can download to track your time yourself:

  • aTimeLogger
  • Toggl 
  • Hours 
  • Moment (iOS) / Breakfree (iOS and Android) 
  • ActivityWatch and RescueTime are options for logging time spent browsing and on your computer. 

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