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Dr James Traeger

Availability: Mon, Thurs
Areas of interest:

Dr James Traeger provides the best care he can to help people get back to their everyday activities after pain or injury.


Dr James Traeger’s interest in the discipline of Osteopathy grew when he saw his uncle, a physio, doing some soft tissue work on a family member. After years of practicing his soft tissue skills on friends and family, he looked into Osteopathy and entered his university studies.

While in high school, James enjoyed media and making student films. At university, he became intrigued with anatomy and attended the Body World Vital exhibition in 2018. James is particularly interested in the pelvis as it can act as a predisposing or maintaining factor for many conditions of the body. interested in the SIJ and pelvis as they can be directly
responsible for many issues pertaining to the back and the legs. Otherwise the complexity of the shoulder girdle interests James, and more recently he has become interested in vertigo. He is also interested in Morton’s neuroma and frozen shoulder and hopes to expand his interest and develop his skills further.

James believes that movement is essential for good health and enjoys surfing, futsal, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, and skiing.

James is excited to help people get back to their day-to-day activities and expand his knowledge and skills under a supportive and friendly team of professionals at PHP. James is passionate about education, in his own words, “Knowledge should be shared and accessible to all, as it allows us to strive towards a greater future and understanding of the world around us”.