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We are a private billing clinic. We do not offer bulk-billing for face to face appointment or Telehealth.

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Flu vaccinations now available


 We are now providing flu vaccinations, please call the clinic if you have a work group requiring this service, otherwise CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A FLU JAB

Important Notice

Please be advised that if you have seen Dr Jane Habib or Dr Alan Underwood over a long period of time, you may require a longer than expected appointment with a new GP. Please also note that your new GP will review your treatment and may decide that it is best to continue with your previous treatment. However they may also recommend a change to your treatment plan based on a thorough review. Please discuss this with your GP if you have any concerns regarding a potential alteration to your treatment.  
Premier Health Partners is here to facilitate your appointments and provide administrative and nursing support to the GPs who provide medical care to you. Please note that PHP does not directly provide medical care. While we aim to provide the best possible GPs to the community, the clinic has no influence on the GPs’ patient care and billings. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your medical care, please speak with your GP directly. Alternatively please email us at info@premierhealthpartners.com.au 


Fees Notice

Please note as of 1st February 2024 the GPs at PHP adjusted their fees to be consistent with the AMA recommended fee schedule:

  • Standard Appointment: $102 (Medicare rebate $41.20)
  • Long Appointment: $188 (Medicare rebate $79.70)
  • Extended Appointment: $285 (Medicare rebate: $117)
Home Visits

Home Visits may be available in exceptional circumstances. Call (03) 9329 7077 before 9am for availability.

Test Results

In the event of a clinically significant result, you will be contacted to make a follow up appointment with your doctor.

Urgent Appointments

In cases of an urgent appointment, please call (03) 9329 7077 and we will assist where possible.

Cancellation Policy

A fee may be charged for failure to attend or cancellation at short notice, less than 24 hours on the day.

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates may be provided after you have consulted with one of our GPs to discuss your ability to work.

Script Repeats

Repeat prescription online requests are currently unavailable until further notice.


The team at Premier Health Partners are committed to providing you with professional, individualised health care so you can achieve your best health outcomes. We are a private billing practice (no bulk-billing) and for medical services you can claim the medicare rebate straight into your nominated bank account.

General Practice

Our expert GP’s cover all aspects of medical care including family care, screenings, women’s health, men’s health, disease management and travel advice.


For your convenience we offer onsite pathology collection utilising the services of St Vincents Pathology. To use this service you must have seen a GP at our clinic previously


Osteopathy is a “whole body” system of manual therapy which can assist you using a range of techniques and exercise prescription to manage musculo-skeletal disorders, injury rehabilitation and other functional disorders of the body. 

Exercise Physiology

The aim of of Exercise Physiology interventions is to restore one’s optimal physical function, health and wellness through movement using evidence-based solutions and include education, advice , support and lifestyle modifications to suit your needs.

Iron Infusions

We are now able to offer iron infusions to our patients. Our patients appreciate the convenience of this treatment at a time that suits them, with a quick return to their home or work.

Travel Advice & Vaccinations

To safeguard your health, and protect your travels), it is essential to get up to date travel health advice and the correct vaccinations before you travel overseas.

Occupational Health

At Premier Health Workplace Solutions we can create a pre-employment functional assessment that matches to your needs as an employer.

Women’s Health Clinic

Pap Smears, contraception including insertion of contraceptive implants, sexual health checks, menstrual/gynaecological problems, breast examinations.


By carefully restoring proper movement to the spinal joints of the neck, your osteopath may be able to significantly reduce the presence of nerve irritation and muscle tension helping to alleviate the cause of your headaches.

Neck Pain

Our Osteopaths are trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of neck injuries from disc bulges, muscles strains and neck tension.

Shoulder Pain

The complex nature of the shoulder requires a thorough and holistic approach that Osteopaths are known for.

Arm Pain

From tennis elbow, referred pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, your Osteopath is trained to diagnose and manage your arm pain.

Sprains & Strains

Sprains and strains occur when the body is put under physical stress. In these situations, muscles and joints are forced to perform movements for which they are not prepared or designed. An injury can occur from a single stressful incident, or it may gradually arise after many repetitions of a motion.


Your Osteopath is expertly rained to diagnose and manage disc bulges/herniations, muscle spasms, postural sprains as well as many other causes of spinal pain.

Leg Pain

Do not let hip, knee, foot/ankle injuries stop you from living the active life you deserve.


Vertigo is an unbearable condition that can literally leave the sufferer house-bound and nauseous for weeks on end. Thankfully researchers have discovered a simple routine your Osteopath can perform that can immediately provide relief for the most common cause of vertigo.


To make it easy we provide online appointments and phone bookings with SMS appointment reminders.

Do you need a Referral?

Referrals are not required for GP’s or Clinic Services and our Osteopaths accept GP Care Plans.

Payment Options

Payments are to be made on the day of consultation and we accept EFTPOS, credit card and cash.

Transport & Parking

Easy street parking and free underground car park enter on Rosslyn Street.


Consultations are by appointment only and can be booked by calling (03) 9329 7077 or online and a referral is not required. If you require an urgent appointment please call us to make an appointment. Health Care and Medicare Rebates are claimed on the spot and gap payments can be made by EFTPOS, credit card or cash.


Our professional and dedicated team have a wealth of experience in Medical and Allied Health.

We are currently taking new patients and you will get to see the same doctor at each appointment for consistency in your families health care.


Introducing Tracey – Practice Nurse

We are pleased to introduce our newest team member, Practice Nurse Tracey! Tracey is available for appointments each Thursday with more days to follow soon.

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