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We are a private billing clinic. We do not offer bulk-billing for face to face appointment or Telehealth.


Our team are committed to providing you with professional, individualised health care so you can achieve your best health outcomes.

General Practitioner
Areas of Interest:
  • Dermatology (excluding mole check)
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Women’s Health, Implanon insertion & removal, IUD removal
  • Weight management
  • Sexual and reproductive health


General Practitioner
Areas of Interest:
  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics (All Women’s health including IUD insertion and removal)
  • Contraception Advice
  • PAP Smears
  • Iron Infusions (including pre-procedure advice)
  • Children’s health including developmental delay
  • Mental Health
  • Geriatric Health
  • MBBS FRACGP (Uni Melbourne)
General Practitioner
Areas of Interest:

Women’s health (all aspects including menopause medicine), Sexual and Reproductive health (including IUD removals and insertions, Implanon removals and insertions as well as PrEP prescribing), Child health, and Chronic disease management.

Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Areas of Interest:

Physiology, rehabilitation, massage, and functional exercise to give you a great functional workout while improving your overall health, posture and biomechanics.


Clayne is now available off site at his studio in 55 Rouse St Port Melbourne, http://www.elevationhealth.com.au/

Areas of Interest:

Assessing and treating a variety of aches and pain, educating his patients so they can develop the necessary skills to be able to address the specific cause of the problem

General Practitioner
Areas of Interest:

Paediatrics, women’s health (including Pap smears, IUD removal, not insertion), dermatology, chronic disease management, preventative health and mental health.


Dr Lee is currently not able to able new patients.