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Our individualised programs are tailored to complement your risk management strategy.

Welcome to Premier Health Workplace Solutions – We offer full pre-employment medical assessments with onsite GPs, nurses, Osteopaths and pathology collection. In addition, our expansive services can help you in multiple aspects of risk minimisation and injury prevention. Our team of dedicated Osteopaths have a wealth of experience to guide your injured staff back to work in a safe and timely manner.

Our individualised programs are tailored to complement your risk management strategy.


How Can We Help?

  • Optimising the health of your business
  • Keeping your key people in top shape
  • Minimising illness, maximising productivity
  • Better attraction and retention

Call us now to discuss how we can tailor a package to suit your needs or use one of our existing programs.


Our Work Health Services

Pre Employment Medicals

At Premier Health Workplace Solutions we can create a pre-employment functional assessment that matches to your needs as an employer. We offer two forms of pre-employment screening and can incorporate Medical (General Practitioner and Nurses) assessment and musculoskeletal assessment (Osteopath) into the program.

Ergonomic Assessments

At Premier Health Partners, we can help you to assess your office environment to suit your needs whilst also being aware that you, as an office worker, will have your own preferences and ways your make your office space your own and comfortable. This is why we work in with you to devise a plan to help you achieve the best office set up to prevent injuries and poor postures.

Injury Management

At Premier Health Workplace Solutions we have all the expertise to provide you with our complete early intervention injury management program. In this program we aim to assess and improve your worker’s outcomes yet using your Workcover excess on practitioners and Osteopaths who understand your job tasks and environment can be better placed to improve worker outcomes.

Manual Handling Classes

Manual handling classes can be one of the best preventative steps workplaces can take to reduce the risks and cost of injuries. We help identify the risks for injuries at your workplace through a pre-class walkthrough and tailor manual handling classes to suit your needs. Most onsite injuries at work can be attributed to poor manual handling techniques, therefore education is first important step to preventing these injuries.