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Best wishes from the team at PHP

Stage 4 restrictions, and this year in general, have a different impact on every one of us, and we all need different things to make sure we get through feeling sane and well. 

We checked in with each member of the PHP team and asked for a little insight into their worlds; some sent through advice, jokes, life updates, or anecdotes. 

We’ve put together their responses for you below so you can stay connected with the team, even from afar. 


Paul is taking positivity from the first signs of Spring we’ve seen, with the couple of blue-skied, clear days and the early green shoots we’ve had over the past week…hoping that restrictions are all but gone in time for cricket season to recommence!


Jenny recently bought a Thermomix so she has decided that during Stage 4 restrictions, she has to use it or lose it (that is, use it, or sell it). 

She’s stocked up on cookbooks, cocktail recipes, and any and every Christmas recipe. Anyone who knows Jenny, or who has been into the clinic during the Christmas period, will know how much she loves Christmas, and the excitement of thinking forward to Christmas and spending this period practicing some new recipes is what’s keeping her going and staying positive!


In classic Maree fashion, she shared a great piece of insight into a few thoughts she’s been having throughout Stage 4 restrictions…

            “I’m saving a fortune on lipstick with these masks…!”

            “But really, how many times can one vacuum the same floor..?”

            “Thank GOODNESS for telephones!!”


Carly sent through this little piece of inspiration from Eeyore, a beloved Winnie the Pooh character, reminding us to be kind to ourselves and take it easy. 

            “It’s ok not to be ok. Some days are just harder than others.”


Dr Alan has penned one of his typical ‘rants’ for us, this time with a lockdown theme.

You can read his entire piece on the blog, but an excerpt that was fitting to share with the rest of the team’s contributions was a simple message; inspired by all of the ‘to-do’s he has achieved around the house and the forgotten hobbies he has re-embraced…

“…make each moment count…that is my message. Embrace the opportunity to address all those things you thought you’d get to one day…that day has come!”


Taylor shared this heart-warming video clip with us, of a beautiful story called ‘Windows’. Read aloud with gentle background music, the story reminds us why we’re all staying inside and watching life through the windows…so that we can get back to hugging and kissing the ones we love.

Click here to watch it now.


Jane shared with us a favourite quote of hers that seems apt for the current times;

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain” – Vivian Greene.

We could all use some encouragement to find ways to “dance in the rain” at the moment…


Annabelle shared some great advice with us in her paragraph below:

‘With so much going on in the world this year it’s hard to know which way is up! But hang in there, remember to keep taking care of yourself and your loved ones and know there is always someone there if you need. Amidst it all, I’ve been making sure I get around to a daily pleasure, every day, for however long – something like going for a walk, making a phone call, taking a nap or some time out, having a bath, or just not being hard on myself – I try to make it something I know I enjoy and is helpful to my physical/emotional/mental health. Be gentle with yourself and enjoy, the blossoms are out and spring is just around the corner!’

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