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Exercise Physiology and Post-COVID Syndrome

Though we may feel like we’ve been dealing with COVID for a long time now because of its ubiquity over the last few years, the truth is it’s still very new and unfortunately, that means our knowledge – clinical and experiential – is still also very new and limited. 

What we do know is that COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and that patients present can present with any number of neurological, psychological, cardiovascular, or musculoskeletal symptoms, including shortness of breath, fatigue, and fever. Exercise is increasingly being looked to as a treatment option to support all of those functions by increasing wellbeing, mood, supporting and improving sleep quality, and increasing lung capacity, fitness, and strength. 

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) are allied health professionals that use exercise for rehabilitation from acute and chronic conditions. AEPs can help develop a treatment plan for COVID patients to gradually return to their daily living activities and reduce the impact and risk of ‘long-COVID’ symptoms (or, Post-COVID Syndrome). Post-COVID Syndrome is defined as experiencing ongoing COVID-19 symptoms for more than 12 weeks post infection. The symptoms of Post-COVID Syndrome can be a barrier to getting back into normal daily living. Exercise physiology supports patients through integrating exercises tailored to each individual and their personal lifestyle; ensuring that exercise treatment is at a suitable level. For some, this could be as simple as beginning the process of walking to or around the supermarket. 

The exercise physiology team at Premier Health Partners work with patients to start movement, no matter how small initially, and develop accessible and sustainable programs to help them improve. In addition to the exercise prescription, appointments involve getting to know our clients so that we can have an authentic understanding of their unique lifestyle, goals, and current state. This means that the approach is fully customised to each patient to help them reach their personal goals.

The team use a range of different measures (including pulse oximeters, RPE scale, two-step/step-up tests, and other fitness testing) to assess each client before developing a plan based around their goals. Clients normally see our exercise physiologists one to two times per week.  

The main goal is to improve quality of life, overall wellbeing, and use exercise as medicine. Exercise physiology is unique in how it works to become part of your personal lifestyle; we are ready to start with you, wherever you’re at!  

Danillo Mangiameli and Candy Deng are currently taking appointments at Premier Health Partners – book in today to give exercise physiology a go, or get in touch using the details below to enquire about a free, 15-minute introductory consultation or to find out more. 

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