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Hayfever? Allergies? …or COVID?

One week into Spring and we’re already starting to see glimpses of warmer weather, brighter skies, longer days, and fresh blooms and leaves. Unfortunately, the latter also means we’re beginning to see an increase in pollen and irritants.

Many people are regular hayfever, allergy, and asthma sufferers, but unfortunately there is a significant overlap in symptoms between these conditions and COVID-19. In addition to that, wearing face masks can sometimes exacerbate the experience of those with allergies and hayfever.

It’s important that anyone with symptoms due to an underlying condition such as hayfever, allergies, or asthma, still be tested for COVID-19 if those symptoms are persistent or if they are different to or worse than usual.

Click here to find out more about the overlap in symptoms and best advice, via the Victorian Government Coronavirus website.

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