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You don’t have to do it alone! NDIS Support at PHP

You don’t have to do it alone! 

Are you a parent or carer of someone with a disability? Or perhaps you yourself have a disability and you manage your own NDIS plan and supports…We are here to help!  

Caring for someone or living with a disability can cause significant pressure across all areas of your life – the last thing you need is to be overloaded while trying to navigate the world of NDIS plans, eligibility, terminology, what can be claimed, and payments. 

We know how important it is to provide genuine, accessible support for participants, their families, and carers. We want to know that our patients are empowered to achieve their goals, optimise their health and wellbeing, and lead fulfilling lives. 

At Premier Health Partners, we have partnered with Aspect Plan Management, a registered NDIS provider, to support plan-managed NDIS participants to relieve some of the challenges of managing a care plan on your own.

Aspect Plan Management

Aspect Plan Management help to relieve some of the pressure by managing NDIS plans on behalf of their clients. The team can support you by taking care of all NDIS claims and payments to providers, so that you can focus on wellbeing and goals.

As an example of how they can help to demystify some of the processes, the team at Aspect Plan Management have written a simplified breakdown of the budgeting behind your NDIS plan. Click here to read the article to help you understand the different categories of your budget and how you can use them. 

NDIS Support at PHP

Within our clinic, we are pleased to provide osteopathy, exercise physiology, and nursing services (including wound care, diabetes management, continence issues, and other general health care that may relate to your disability) for eligible NDIS participants. Additionally, we have partnered with a number of offsite practitioners to provide further support through speech pathology, occupational therapy, and psychology.

Find out more/Get in touch

If you already have an NDIS plan that is not managed by Aspect Plan Management, we can support you in seamlessly transitioning your plan across. Similarly, if you don’t currently have a plan manager, we can help you initiate this process and move into the plan-managed category. 

Contact Tonisha from Aspect Plan Management on the number below to enquire or to begin the transition or setup process. 

0412 863 953 (9-5pm, Mon-Fri)

More information can be found here.

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