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Staying entertained in isolation…

We’re doing well, Melbourne! It’s been a while now that we’ve been doing our bit to stop the spread by staying home…and for some, that means that they have little people at home who might be starting to go a little stir crazy. This is an outside-the-box situation, so don’t forget to let your thinking go a little outside-the-box too when it comes to ways to entertain the family.  

Perhaps you can set a family challenge or a competition? Task everyone in the family with writing a story, creating a new game for you to play, or even coming up with a family ‘logo’…and then have an extended family member or friend virtually judge and choose a winner! Perhaps you could each design an activity circuit for everyone and take turns throughout the week completing them…

The Better Health Channel has put together a list of 12 important and useful tips to help you ward off cabin fever as you self-isolate with your family. 

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