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The PHP team during isolation…

So, you’ll no doubt have seen all the different ‘viral’ activities that seemingly everyone took part in during isolation and Stage 3 restrictions…sourdough baking became a competitive sport, every man and his dog (literally) formed some very strong opinions about a man called Joe Exotic and his many tigers, and we all got to watch the evolution of everyone’s loungerooms/spare bedrooms/garages as they morphed into home gyms. 

We thought it would be fun to share a little piece from each of our team members on their isolation experiences. For a group of people that are so used to being busy and working with a variety of people everyday, there was a risk there that being cooped up at home might have made us loopy…but we’re happy to report we’ve all made it through to the other end safe, happy, with a few new perspectives on gratitude, and even with some new skills! 

Check out the responses from the team below to see what they got up to during isolation, or what they found themselves missing the most! 

I have missed dancing! The arts community has taken a huge hit with all work, classes, shows, and festivals cancelled. I miss dancing in the studio with friends, learning from teachers, and performing. It’s definitely made me realise how much I enjoy it; I look forward to sharing all of those opportunities again soon!

In lockdown, I have been cooking meatloaf for my dog Teddy. He is loving the fact that he is getting to enjoy his very own home-cooked meatloaf, and the added bonus is it’s good for him! 

See Teddy pictured below, patiently waiting for his fresh meatloaf.

Like many people, I’ve committed to some new cooking skills…namely, I have perfected pork crackling! And, as an accidental side-activity, I’ve managed to annoy the neighbours by setting off the smoke detectors each weekend in doing so…

Hmmmm…what did COVID isolation teach me?…that we humans are inherently selfish (read: panic buying toilet paper; hoarding pasta, flour, sugar, and other staples rationed to subvert hoarding; supermarket prices gouging to ‘discourage’ panic buying…), misguided, ignorant (read: wearing masks whilst driving a car…alone…Protecting the car from COVID19? Wearing masks walking in a park…alone…? Protecting the park from COVID19? Taking bleach to ward off COVID19 on the advice of a deranged narcissist..?), untruthful (read: ‘figures’ coming out of China about the number of COVID19 cases ‘magically’ drying up, or should I say ‘dying off’; ‘it’s only a little flu’ – Brazillian President Bolsonaro) and terribly flawed (read: domestic violence reports soaring, suicide, and self harm presentations at record levels).

But also, I learned that I quite enjoy my own company; solitary pursuits suit me. I have one best friend whom I married…I don’t seem to need another. There is great joy in reading a good book, listening to and studying music, and engaging in simple projects at home. I learned that I really do loathe shopping. I did not miss the pubs (I never go there), and I did not need to stock up on alcohol, given that I no longer drink the stuff. I learned that I find social distancing to my liking…

A post COVID world holds many positives in my view. Bring it on. Behold the new normal.

Among the ‘spring’ cleaning, I learnt the alphabet in sign language. I also really missed sport and catching up with my friends.

I didn’t get to see my beautiful new granddaughter, Lorna, for two months! Fortunately, there was lots of face time so I could still see her and watch her grow, but I just wanted to hug her.

I also found it funny how, despite last winter’s clothes still being perfectly good to wear this winter, I would have reeeeally loved to hit the shops…

I missed crowds, believe it or not! I love the sense of community that comes with standing at the counter of a heaving Queen Victoria Market, dancing along with random strangers at a rock concert, or the busy walk over they Birrarung Marr on the way to the MCG with a crowd of nervous footy supporters full of anticipation. Weirdo right!

Despite the next few months still being uncertain when it comes to restrictions and what we can expect, we’ve all learned so much about ourselves, about our society, about our values, and about just how lucky we are. So, we will continue to do whatever is needed to stop the spread of COVID-19, and we’ve no doubt we’ll be able to stay busy and happy as we do so!

Jenny’s dog, Teddy, waiting patiently for his home-cooked meatloaf.

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