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Useful apps for your medical information

We’re all becoming ever more reliant on our phones to keep us up to date and remind us about information and appointments. Now there are a few great apps that will help you stay across all your healthcare and medical information – especially useful if you’re travelling or if you occasionally see different doctors or specialists and need a way to keep all your information in one place! 
See below for three great apps that will help you manage your personal medical information. 

Express Plus Medicare

The Express Plus Medicare app will allow you to access your Medicare card details and card members, edit your banking and contact information, submit claims, view claims history and other useful functions including registering organ donation decisions, or viewing immunisation history. 

In order to use the Express Plus Medicare app, you will need a myGov account that is linked to Medicare. 

Tyde (My Health Record)

Tyde is a unique app that puts you at the centre of your health, securely consolidating all your health information in one place. Tyde allows you to create your very own ‘personal health journal’ where you can store and list Medicare services, relevant medications and dosages, as well as clinical documents. 

The Tyde app is linked to your My Health Record. For more information about My Health Record, click here.

The Travel Clinic – vaccine app

The Travel Clinic – vaccine app is a complete medical guide full of information and practical hints for travellers. It includes a personal vaccination record so that you can keep track of your vaccinations, as well as information about other vaccinations and diseases that may be relevant. It is a great app for any traveller wishing to protect their health. 

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