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Welcome back Eileen!

We are thrilled to welcome Eileen back to Premier Health Partners after a period of extended leave. With over 17 years’ experience, Eileen is a skilled massage therapist, providing quality remedial and deep-tissue treatments to help clients with a range of concerns. 

We are all aware of the obvious and immediate benefits of massage; the feeling of calm and relaxation, but remedial massage also works to locate and repair damaged areas of the body while encouraging and stimulating the body’s own healing processes. When a massage therapist performs a remedial massage, they will work with you to identify the source of the pain and the problem so that they can ensure they are healing the symptoms as well as the original cause. 
Eileen will work with you to decide the best type of massage for your individual needs. 
Some typical benefits of massage include: 

  • increased wellbeing; 
  • improved lymphatic drainage; 
  • improved skin tone; 
  • improved recovery time – as well as sports and exercise performance; 
  • reduced muscle tension;
  • reduced stress hormones; and
  • reduced anxiety and depression. 

We are so excited to have Eileen back at Premier Health Partners, she will be offering remedial massage services each Saturday. 
Thank you to all the loyal clients who have celebrated Eileen’s return with us; she has been booked out every weekend!

Click here to book your massage appointment with Eileen – get in quick, they’re going fast!

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