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Shared Care now available at PHP

Shared care is now available at Premier Health Partners with Dr Jane Habib. 

Shared Care means that during the course of your pregnancy, your care is shared between your GP and your chosen birthing hospital. This means that you visit the hospital on only two-to-four occasions (early and late in the pregnancy), and your GP will do the remainder of the monitoring of your pregnancy. The program is suitable for healthy, low-risk, pregnant women who feel it is important for them to know their carer through their pregnancy. 

Research shows that having a known carer during pregnancy results in less hospital admissions, less interventions in labour and birth, higher breastfeeding rates, and women being more satisfied with their childbearing experience.

Benefits of Shared Care: 

  • • It may be more convenient for women to attend our Clinic as it may reduce travelling time, waiting time at hospital, and reduce time away from work and family.
  • • You will see the same person throughout most of your pregnancy care.
  • • You will get to know a GP, who can also see you after your baby is born.
  • • GPs are also trained to deal with other relevant issues such as monitoring your mental health during the pregnancy and in the postnatal period, as well as advice regarding contraception.
  • • GPs can treat other illnesses/conditions that are not related to your pregnancy but may be concurrent.

In Australia, GPs who provide Shared Care must have extra training and qualifications and a special agreement with a birthing hospital. Dr Jane Habib is qualified to offer Shared Care for the Royal Women’s Hospital, Mercy Hospital, the Northern Hospital, and Sunshine/Western Hospitals.

The initial appointment to discuss your pregnancy requires a 30-minute consultation at a cost of $125 (the rebate from Medicare is $72.80).
Routine 30-minute antenatal appointments take place at around 12, 22, 30, 33, 38, and 40 weeks. The visits to your hospital of choice occur in between. We don’t want you to feel rushed, so 30-minute consultations are scheduled to give you ample time to discuss any concerns you may have and ensure a thorough check up.
If you have a Medicare Card, the routine antenatal appointments will be bulk-billed.
After the birth, a 6-week check-up occurs. A 30-minute appointment is required for yourself and a 15-to-30 minute appointment for your baby. For these appointments, please bring your green baby book and any other documents from the hospital.

Please contact us at Premier Health Partners, on 9329 7077, if you have any further questions. Or click here to book an appointment with Dr Jane Habib today.

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