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How An Osteopath Treats Headaches

How Osteopaths Treat Headaches Headaches have a vast number of potential causes, so before you google “the cause of your headache” and self diagnose some form of malignancy (and give yourself some major stress), consider the following:

The main causes of headaches as outlined in this article are:

  • Stress and muscular tension
  • Diet and food sensitivities
  • Jaw problems
  • Hormonal influences
  • Eye problems
  • Ear, nose & throat disorders
  • The nervous system
  • Medications…

And there are several more!

An Osteopath always begins by asking a thorough case history. What you think is a headache caused by your neck, may in fact be the result of poorly adjusted glasses!

The line of questioning is taken to reasonably exclude things that an Osteopath cannot necessarily treat, unless they have the appropriate qualifications, in which case you may be referred to another practitioner, or to a GP. 

In a significant number of cases headaches are simply an issue with posture, and upper neck and/or jaw problems, they will then perform special tests which may include cranial nerve exams and range of movement tests.

On occasion, if the diagnosis is still unclear, you may be referred for some form of diagnostic imaging such as an X-Ray or MRI.

If the Osteopath comes to the conclusion that they are able to help you with the possible cause of your headache – they will explain what they believe is going on – in a language that you can understand!!

Once you are informed of what the treatment involves and consent to that treatment – the Osteopath will set about completing the list of objectives they have in mind for assisting you in removing your headache. 

Then, depending on the severity and cause of your headache, you should be well on your way to recovery!

Hope this helps! For appointments – contact us here.

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