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100, not out! A very special birthday…

A very special birthday in our PHP extended family.

Paul’s grandmother, Kath Harney, recently celebrated her 100th birthday. You read correctly, a full century!

Kath and her late husband Pat had six children, and the latest count as Kath celebrated her birthday was 27 grandchildren, and 45 great-grandchildren!

The most wonderful part of this story, was the simple factor that Kath attributed to her long life; happiness. “Happiness is the trick, I’ve always been happy. I’ve never drank or smoked, and I’ve had a very good family and a very good husband,” she said.

Such a wonderful sentiment from someone who has the life experience to back it up; a reminder to us all to strive for joy and happiness in each day.

Happy birthday Kath!

Read the full newspaper feature here. 

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