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Exercise Physiologists are coming to PHP.

We’re excited to share that the team at Melbourne Yoga and Pilates are going to be joining us at Premier Health Partners, offering exercise physiology, yoga, pilates, and remedial massage services to our community.

Stay tuned to find out more about the team, what days they’ll be available, about when they’re available for bookings. 

Find out more about exercise physiology from Harley and Wynter, the team behind Melbourne Yoga and Pilates, below.


We are an experienced team based in the Melbourne CBD and North Melbourne that offers Exercise Physiology, personal training, yoga, Pilates and remedial massage. We believe the holistic approach to healthcare is the best way for your future and that everyone can achieve physical and mental empowerment through movement.  


Exercise Physiology is an allied health profession recognised by Medicare and private health insurance. Practitioners have a minimum of four years of tertiary education in human movement and behaviour and at least 500 hours of industry experience. We focus on how exercise affects the body at a physiological, anatomical, and psychological level and we prescribe exercise as medicine to help treat a wide range of medical conditions and musculoskeletal injuries.

At Melbourne Yoga and Pilates, we adopt a strong focus on client-centred care and facilitating behaviour change to treat you and your entire story as a whole, rather than a list of medical conditions or injuries. We combine our knowledge and expertise to elicit the most effective care plan for our clients’ health and lifestyle goals.


Our Exercise Physiologists work closely with GPs and other allied health practitioners for a team-centric approach. There is a reason why we are key to a client’s health plan. Below is a snapshot of just some of the results we have obtained for our clients:

  • Helping a 62-year-old Type II diabetic get off medications more than 30 years.
  • Helping a 52-year-old GP go from a sedentary lifestyle to a 10km runner whilst healing her frozen shoulder.
  • Helping a 38-year-old lawyer manage hip pain through strength and conditioning.
  • Helping a 26-year-old lose 20kg and live a healthier and more empowered life.

Our focus is to provide results for our clients and to uphold an exceptional level of customer care. We have a level of exercise to suit all individuals of all abilities, starting from gentle yoga and Pilates, working up to high intensity personal training and expertly designed Exercise Physiology programs.

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