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How long after having COVID can my family and I get the vaccine or booster?

As we face significant increases in case numbers across the country, many people are concerned or curious about when they are able to have their COVID vaccinations or boosters if they’ve tested positive for COVID.

The short answer is that there are no hard and fast answers or specific rulings available on this but the information below (from an article on the conversation.com) can provide some guidance. The full article is linked at the end of this piece, with a very quick summary of two circumstances below.

Booster shots for adults after testing positive to COVID-19

The current advice is that you can have your booster once you have recovered from the acute infection.

That said, having the infection stimulates your immune system like a vaccine, meaning you will produce antibodies that help increase your protection against COVID. So it would be reasonable to wait at least three months before having your booster shot (or anywhere up to six months – though, this should be assessed based on any new information that becomes available about specific variants). 

Vaccination delays for children who have tested positive to COVID-19

Similar to the booster for adults, the current advice is that children may have their vaccination once they have recovered from the infection. There is support however for waiting a minimum of four weeks to allow for longer and stronger protection, as well as providing more opportunity for the child to recover. 

Click here to read the full article and get in touch with your doctor if you want to know more or need information specific to your circumstances. 

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