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Keep active during Stage 3 restrictions

Five ways to stay active while still following Stage 3 restrictions: 

  1. Go for a walk/jog/run around your block. 
    Man’s best friend will love you for this one – grab the dog, or a person you usually live with, and head out for a walk around your local neighbourhood. This could be a great time to trial some new walking tracks or let yourself get lost in the streets and paths around your home.
  2. Go for a bike ride. 
    Same as above – get lost at home, try out a local bike track, or ride laps around a local sports field…we’ve still got some nice weather left in Autumn, get out and embrace it!
  3. Stretch your body.
    If you don’t already know some different stretches, jump online. There are a wealth of resources including videos and written tutorials available to guide you through a stretch sequence that will help you feel limber and relaxed. Try searching ‘stretching at home’ in Google.
  4. Try a dance tutorial.
    Just like the stretching, there are many dance studios and professionals who have taken their businesses online and who are hosting live streamed classes, or video tutorials. Perhaps, if you’re brave, you could even try your hand at TikTok (you may need the help of some youngens for this one)…
    Don’t be afraid to take the structure out of this one too – an informal, loungeroom ‘dance party’ is also a great way to move your body and relieve stress; turn up the music and have fun.
  5. DIY circuit!
    Whether you live on your own or with housemates or family, get creative and set up an at-home activity circuit. You’ll be surprised how many household items can be useful – milk cartons filled with water make great dumbbells, a length of rope from the garage is a perfect skipping rope, or grab some chalk and draw yourself markers to run around or jump over on the driveway. Incorporate whatever works for you; strength, cardio, stretching, it’s all important. This could be a great way to help the family stay active together, and what a fun way to kill a few hours as you come up with ideas!

Regular physical activity is important for general health and wellbeing, and in times like these it’s also especially important to help us manage feelings of stress and overwhelm. By finding ways to stay active at home – or close to home – we can make sure that we’re looking after ourselves and our families responsibly, while helping to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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