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Making ‘work from home’ work for you

taying home can be tough. Sure, it sounds like a treat and, for many of us, being able to stay home and stay safe is a privilege, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make motivation to work, exercise, and generally look after ourselves difficult. 

Below are a few helpful ideas that can make staying home – whether on your own or with family – a bit less disruptive to your normal life.

  • Try to establish a routine…and stick to it!
    If you’re working from home, try to set up a dedicated workspace and continue to work your normal hours, wherever possible.
    This may also mean coming up with an entirely new routine; one that fits around your family.
  • Make time to stay active!
    Staying active doesn’t mean you need to dedicate this time to becoming an athlete, perhaps for you it means finding 15 minutes each day to do some light stretching, or half an hour to walk around the block with your dog. Staying active will help you to stay well – physically and mentally – throughout this time.
  • Eat…and don’t forget the good stuff!
    Without the normal routine of daily commutes, lunch breaks, and ‘dinner time’, it can be easy to find yourself skipping meals or alternatively, snacking all day. Don’t forget to keep up normal eating habits, and maintain a balanced diet – it will make all the difference to keeping your energy up, your immune system strong, and ensuring positive general wellbeing.

Enjoy the perks!
There is a lot of talk around remaining positive and a healthy sense of perspective and gratitude throughout this period. To that end, it’s important to embrace the perks of being at home wherever you can. Maybe it’s the extra sleep in because you don’t have to make the city commute, maybe it’s being able to join conference calls with your beloved dog by your side, or maybe it’s getting to enjoy your lunch breaks with your family. Look for the perks, and lap them up!

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