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Should the GP always be your first stop?

In a national study released last week, it was found that 43% of GPs identified musculoskeletal issues as among the top three ailments they deal with each day. Patients suffering osteoarthritis, back complaints, and other musculoskeletal concerns often see their general practitioner as their first port of call rather than making an appointment to see an allied health professional. Many aren’t aware that these services are available to them without a referral and despite realising the nature of the issue, believe they need to see a GP first. 

At Premier Health Partners, we have two general practitioners who will address any of your medical concerns, but you can also book appointments directly with our osteopaths, our physiotherapist, or our myotherapist without a referral. 

If you’re not sure which of these is best for your specific concern, don’t hesitate to call us or visit our website to read more about some common ailments we can help with. 

To read more about the recent General Practice Health of the Nation 2018 Report, click here

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