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Dr Maddi Traeger

Dr Maddi Traeger is one of our dedicated osteopaths with a specific passion for paediatrics and pre/post-natal health. Her interests originally stemmed from her own experiences throughout childhood, before strengthening and developing throughout her university and additional studies in these fields. 
Maddi graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy). These studies, combined with her passion for paediatrics and pre/post-natal health, led Maddi to undertake observations with numerous osteopaths around Australia who treated children in order to further her knowledge. In addition to her Bachelor studies, Maddi has completed several other short courses in the field of pregnancy and paediatrics to broaden her skills and expertise. 

Maddi loves working with mothers and babies to help provide practical support and options for breastfeeding and musculoskeletal issues. Osteopathic treatment for babies may be able to assist with musculoskeletal issues that relate to: 

– Feeding and latching 
– Comfort and settling
– Difficult or traumatic birth
– Preference of neck  turning or feeding on one side 
– Issues with rolling, crawling and walking
– Issues or discomfort with tummy time

Maddi recently attended a two-day conference covering best practices in paediatric feeding, motor speech and mouth development problems. Covering topics including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, food introduction, and mouth development, Maddi was able to increase her knowledge on health and development of paediatric patients. This is particularly relevant as Maddi is in the early stages of becoming a lactation consultant. A lactation consultant is a health professional specialising in helping women to breastfeed their babies. 

Every appointment is tailored based on the individual infant considering their age, developmental stage, and other factors relating to their health. Osteopathic treatment of babies and infants is very gentle and involves stretching, light massage, and unwinding of tissues but never involves strong forces like manipulating joints or ‘cracking’.

More information and research around osteopathy and paediatric patients can be found on Maddi’s page of the Premier Health Partners website or under Osteopathy for Babies and Children.

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