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Supporting kids learning from home

Feeling the aches and pains of working from home? Kids can feel it too.  In lots of ways, children and teens are like mini adults, they can experience similar physical complaints including headaches, sore neck, sore back, and similar injuries and accidents, as well as their own unique issues like growing pains or foreign objects […]

Headaches; what a pain in the head…

What are they, why do I get them, and how can I not? There are a range of reasons that people experience headaches. Common reasons include lifestyle causes such as dehydration, low blood sugar, hangover, etc., which can generally can be treated with water, food, or medical assistance, if severe. Common recurrent headaches can also […]

Good recovery is key to staying well

This is a topic that circulated the socials recently and caught my attention as something great to be talking about. We are often so focused on the everyday gains and getting by that it can be easy to forget to take care of ourselves! We can place focus on preparing for events, practise behaviours that […]

To ice or to heat, that is the question…

It’s one of the age-old questions for anyone who has injured themselves; is ice or heat best? Before you start to apply either heat or ice to your aches and pains, it’s important to determine the cause of the pain: is it due to inflammation or is it due to constricting muscle tissue? From there, […]

Dr Maddi Traeger

Dr Maddi Traeger is one of our dedicated osteopaths with a specific passion for paediatrics and pre/post-natal health. Her interests originally stemmed from her own experiences throughout childhood, before strengthening and developing throughout her university and additional studies in these fields. Maddi graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Applied […]

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear and Physiotherapy

Guide to Rotator Cuff Tear The “rotator cuff” is a group of 4 muscles that are responsible for keeping the shoulder joint stable. Unfortunately, injuries to the rotator cuff are very common, either from injury or with repeated overuse of the shoulder. Injuries to the rotator cuff can vary as a person ages. Rotator cuff […]

Sarah Marquis faces her toughest test on epic Australian adventure

So many steps, so many adventures were needed to answer the single question: Why do I walk? The explanation is so simple as to be almost logical, pragmatic. My life has been a mix of excitement, sweat, pure adventure, wild creatures with unpronounceable Latin names, hairy, bare chests where I rested my head for an […]

Dementia care begins at home

Around the globe, one new case of dementia is diagnosed every three seconds. There are currently 14.8 million people worldwide living with dementia. While the population continuing to age rapidly, international research show that, for people to age positively and well – and prevent the onset of dementia, staying connected with family, friends and community […]

The two exercises that will dramatically reduce your stress

Your inbox is overflowing, there are phone calls to return, a never-ending to do list and… somewhere amongst it all, you need to fit in exercise and God forbid, a life.  Despite the invention of time-saving inventions, about one third of Australian adults report feeling moderate to severe stress.  But, when stress becomes overwhelming and […]

Sugar ‘raises heart attack risk’

John von Radowitz         4th February 2014       Sydney Morning Herald Consuming too many sugary sweets, desserts and drinks can triple your chances of dying from heart disease. Scientists in the US have found a striking association between the proportion of daily calories supplied by sugar-laden foods and heart disease […]

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  2. Saturday appointments are now available with Dr James
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