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Sugar: How sweet it is…and how bad it is

In The Age Newspaper, Jan 1, 2014 by Peter Martin Let me guess. You’re going to lose weight. Let me guess again. You won’t succeed for long. The standard approach, the one that almost always fails, is to treat weight as an exercise in accounting. I call it the ”federal budget” approach. If only the […]

Obesity isn’t as simple as eating too much

Obesity isn’t as simple as eating too much By Corey Hague Obesity isn’t as simple as eating too much food, it may even begin long before we change belt notches according to Osteopath and evolutionary medicine expert Josh Lamaro. And while many people argue that the methods used to define obesity aren’t perfect, it paints […]

Sitting is the New Smoking!

Courtesy The Sydney Morning Herald Don’t fall off your perch, but sitting is the new smoking and your chair is out to kill you. No, really. This is the sorry state of affairs thanks to our increasingly seated existence, said doctors in an LA Times feature published earlier this week.  As evidence, the doctors pointed out various […]

Nice Article on Good Posture!

Courtesy New York TimesBY AMY SCHOENFELDPUBLISHED: MAY 11, 2013 The Posture Guru of Silicon Valley Jim Wilson/The New York Times Esther Gokhale teaches techniques for maintaining better posture. She says her advice can relieve nagging back pain.  MATT DRUDGE recently noted an anniversary of his aggregator news site with a Twitter post: “18 years of DRUDGE REPORT […]

What are the early warning signs of an injury?

WHAT ARE THE EARLY WARNING SIGNS OF AN INJURY? While some injuries are immediately apparent, other injuries can creep up slowly and progressively get worse. If you don’t pay attention to both types of injuries, chronic problems can develop. EARLY INJURY WARNING SIGNS: Joint Pain Joint pain, especially the knee, ankle, elbow and wrist, should […]

Most popular osteopaths in Melbourne?

So how to do you find out who the most popular osteopaths in Melbourne are? This is a bit of a tricky question, because there are a lot of Melbourne Osteopaths that are popular! The general rules are as follows: 1) The Osteopaths have a busy clinic This seems pretty obvious right? If they’re busy, […]

Study found osteopaths work better for patients than ultrasound

Having an osteopath move your back muscles using techniques that include stretching, light pressure and resistance (called OMT) may trump ultrasound therapy for the relief of lower back pain, new research suggests.  According to the study, OMT was not only more effective than ultrasound for treating low back pain, but its use also allowed participants […]

How An Osteopath Treats Headaches

 Headaches have a vast number of potential causes, so before you google “the cause of your headache” and self diagnose some form of malignancy (and give yourself some major stress), consider the following: The main causes of headaches as outlined in this article are: And there are several more! An Osteopath always begins by asking a thorough […]

The Difference Between an Osteopath and a Chiropractor

This is a a very commonly asked question, and one that cannot be answered in one sentence, even though you think it should be able to be! Generally – the differences between the two professions come down to just a handful of things: 1. The origin of the profession2. The belief system of that profession, […]

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